Digressions on Unity

1987-90, 24:31 min, b&w and color, sound
1987, 7:04 min, b&w and color, sound
1988, 10 min, color, sound
1989, 4:27 min, color, sound
1990, 3 min, color, sound

These short, poignant works contemplate the life cycle with both faith and despair. Referring to the Biblical passage that enjoins against the making of graven images, A Small Jubilee, which was created following Gorewitz's grandmother's death, merges the personal and the social. Religious symbolism is countered with visions of political upheaval and chaos, and the rhythmic ebb and flow of image and text manipulation. One of Gorewitz's most beautiful works in its use of processed imagery and naturalistic imagery, After the Storm contemplates the inner landscape of the human heart. Using poetry by James Merrill, chants in praise of Allah, and an ancient Incan text on mystical love, he creates "a romance with an ambiguity about whether the desire is physical or ethereal, carnal or spiritual. [It is] about relationships with oneself, one's partner, the world, and the conflict with these things."

The End of Television is an elegy to Lee Connor and Arnie Zane — two artists and friends who died of AIDS — as well as a pointed commentary on the symbiotic relationship between the corporate and television cultures. Jerusalem Road is a highly charged work created in response to conflicts in the Middle East. Shot during a residency at Israel's Beersheva Institute of Art, the melting, shifting images — ancient cities and countryside, old and young men — eloquently articulate the deep political and religious schisms of modern Israel. Gorewitz heightens the sense of ancient regional conflict and history with an underlying soundtrack of Hebraic chanting, recorded in the chambers under Jerusalem's Temple Wall.

A Small Jubilee: Video/Text: Shalom Gorewitz. Music composed with Brooks Williams. Text performed by Beo Morales. Editor: Rick Feist.

After the Storm: Video/Computer Imaging: Shalom Gorewitz. Soundtrack composed with Brooks Williams. Performers: Beo Morales, Charles Mendoza, Franca Bombieri. Editor: Tom Crawford. Additional Texts: James Merrill.

The End of Television: Music: Roger Johnson. Performers: Eliza Garth, Yolanda Liepa. Editor: Richard Korn. Assistance: Chris Clark.

Jerusalem Road: On-Line Editor: Richard Korn.