The Last Tourist

1994, 6 min, color, sound

Writes Gorewitz: "The only foreigners in Haiti were journalists and UN or charitable organization representatives. This tape is about the outsider/observer in a place that easily wrenches emotions. Haiti seemed quiet. The people continue their day to day existence with extraordinary dignity. Artists continue to paint and make joyful music. The threat of violence pervades. Using conversational voice over, I describe what the viewer is seeing: an empty hotel; deforested mountains; a wood boat called Deliverance. The poetry and visuals build to a bitter denouement: witnessing, reporting is not enough."

Writer/Producer: Shalom Gorewitx. Audio Producer/Collaborator: Brooks Williams. Online Editor: Marshall Reese, Standby at Editel, NY. Production Associates: Edouard ELOI, Peggy Kay. Production Support: Ramapo College, Selden Rodman, Carol Cleaver.