A Conversation with Robert Longo

1984, 11:17 min, color, sound

Robert Longo, one of the most prominent of the 1980's postmodern "picture artists," discusses his work and influences in this interview with Gorewitz and Barry Blinderman. An articulate subject, Longo discusses his interest in appropriating cinematic images and form, a strategy reflected in his large-scale paintings, sculptures and performances. Adapting the Social Realist tradition to the media-saturated 1980s, Longo merges social metaphor and mass-cultural symbol in monumental works that reflect postmodern spectacle and alienation. The interview is intercut with scenes of Longo in his studio and illustrations of his work.

Interview: Barry Blinderman. Camera: Shalom Gorewitz. Performance Camera: Ed Bowes. Editors: Shalom Gorewitz, Barry Blinderman, Rick Feist.