U.S. Sweat

1982, 16:10 min, color, sound

In U.S. Sweat, which Gorewitz terms a "cathartic reaction to social and personal upheavals," he transforms images of the familiar American landscape into a nightmarish, ghostly vision. Recording throughout the South and in New York, he amassed footage that reflects the American experience. Country roads, gravestones and small-town main streets seen from a car window gradually give way to an ominous vision — saturated by Gorewitz's signature image-processing techniques and lurid, fluorescent colors — of an America dominated by industry and the military. Called a "tour-de-force" by The New York Times, this is a propulsive, kinetic work of rich visual and aural textures.

Music: Cleophus Robinson, Charlie Rich, Esther Mae Scott, Marie Case, Funkadelic, Neil Sedaka.