But It's True (Excerpts)

2013, 3:14 min, color, sound

Writes Gorewitz, "But It's True, which began insistently chanting itself in my head in the spring and summer of 2013, is a set of lovestruck variations in which the last line of each stanza forms a refrain which changes slightly from stanza to stanza. In addition, cento-like, But It's True incorporates lines from writers including Sappho, Shakespeare, Hopkins, Yannis Ritsos, and the mystery writer Peter De Jonge." One of a series of collaborations between Gorewitz and Rachel Hadas, But It's True features the poetry of the award-winning writer, who synthesizes her own words with those from canonical and less-known authors. This soundtrack is paired with the image of a woman writing at her desk, which is overlaid with digitally altered visuals: mountains, a lake, rain falling, her home. Fusing spoken word with expressive, multi-layered images, Gorewitz composes a melodic and intimate meditation on one's relationship to oneself and to others.

Poetry: Rachel Hadas. Visuals: Shalom Gorewitz. With excerpts from: Sappho; Shakespeare; Yannis Ritsos; Gerard Manley Hopkins; Robert Pinsky; Peter De Jonge.