GHAZAL: Collected Video (2000)

2000, 31:17 min, color, sound
2000, 8:51 min, color, sound
2000, 10:40 min
2000, 7:15 min, color
2000, 4:15 min, color

These richly layered video collages — of city, body, and landscape — paint a portrait of threatened spirituality in the age of fast food and fast cameras. Each is accompanied by a moving, at times meditative soundtrack. From Steve Reich's minimalist score for Numbering Numbers to Mozart's "Concerto #23" in My Body is a Boat, we hear and see both the eternal and the incidental flicker and dim, leaving a landscape in which cultural and individual identities are adrift.

Choreography: Regina Miranda. Music: Steve Reich, Alberto Iglesias, Wolfgang Mozart, Paul Geluso. Editors: Shalom Gorewitz, Richard Korn, James Houston, Eduardo Hartung. With: Shalom Gorewitz, Christen Clark, Helen Clark, Regina Miranda. Thanks: Donald Trump, Ramapo College, Zoetrope-Brazil, Regina Miranda, Luis Cancer, Jose Carlos Vodova, Marina Solomon, Peggy Kay.