Virtual Amulets

2006, 17 min, color, sound
2006, 2:22 min, color, sound
2006, 3:19 min, color, sound
2006, 8:02 min, color, sound
2006, 3:13 min, color, sound

Writes Gorewitz: "Meditation During Wartime was created during a time I was 'teaching' meditation while the war between Israel and Hezbollah raged.

"Psalm 121 was created specifically for iPod and includes images shot on the lower East Side, Ellis Island, and Jerusalem. The psalmist looks to the mountains, for a source of help, and is reminded of the Lord's promise of protection. The images spin, flip, bounce, and reveal layers of meaning. Alain Chekroun chants the psalm in an Algerian style. The images and music are joyful and energizing.

"Trivial Topographies relates to some of the ways that scientists understand the flow of wind and water through complex channels. Images were collected at the Ashokan Reservoir in Ulster County. I emptied the color and added textures to pictures of rocks, streams, flowers, trees, and other images. Using waveform generators, I pulsed movement through the images so that everything oscillates with electro magnetic energy. The result resembles an animated pencil drawing.

"The Shape of Emptiness is a videographic study of an empty tent near a lake in Wilson State Park outside of Woodstock, NY, on a windy day."