1979-1980, 28:05 min, color, sound
1979, 6 min, color, sound
1979, 5:33 min, color, sound
1979, 4:48 min, color, sound
1979, 6:10 min, color, sound
1980, 4:24 min, color, sound

Gorewitz envisioned the vibrant, richly textured and layered compositions in Travels as "poetic, audio-visual evocations of moods and feelings" that convey the essence of place. In Measures of Volatility, Gorewitz abstracts footage of highway traffic, gradually transforming the ordinary into a multi-layered world of shifting colors and sounds. Of El Corandero, which means "the faith healer," Gorewitz writes that while shooting in the Andalusian Mountains of Southern Spain, his subtle, ghostly vision of the landscape was influenced by the calligraphic strokes of Chinese Mountain painting. Excavations was shot in Israel, and portrays a culture concerned with rediscovery and renewal. Using a circular fish-eye lens, Gorewitz transforms New York's architecture into a spinning sphere in Autumn Floods. Delta Visions reinterprets the lush landscapes of the Florida Everglades in a sensuous, impressionistic vision.

Edited with Peter Kirby.