"and they came riding into town on BLACK & SILVER HORSES"

1992, 29:49 min, color, sound

In this provocative essay on racism, crime, the law and the media, Andrews constructs a layered pastiche to investigate these issues within cultural and personal contexts. He explores how the fictions of the media reinforce and perpetuate racial mythologies. Writes Andrews: "Black and Silver Horses looks at how the media shapes our perception of events. It is motivated by the actual story of an individual who was wrongly jailed for a crime because of what the witnesses' thought they saw.' Its objective is to draw a relationship between the social phenomenon, the actual event, and the personalities behind it all."

By Lawrence Andrews. Verse 18: thanks to Lionel Young. Push ups in verse 25 were performed to Aime Cesaire's notebook of a return to the native land. Verse 19: thanks to Marybeth G. McFarland trains officers in the use of firearms. Verse 27: thanks to Thomas F. Macris police artist for the San Jose police department. Verse 21: Professor Carlos Villa, San Francisco Arts Institute, original footage of Carlos was lost. Verse 23: Voice of Robin Harris. Special Thanks to: Arngunnur, UCSC Film/Video lab, Bay Area Coalition, Washington Project for the arts, Philip Brookman. This project was supported by the Film Arts Foundation Grants Program, San Francisco. Western States Regional Media Arts fellowship awarded by the Rocky Mountain Film center, Boulder, Colorado in a program sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the American Film Institute. A University of California Santa Cruz faculty research and course relief grant.