Strategies for the development of/ redefining the purpose served/ Art in the age of... A.K.A. the Making of the Towering Inferno

1989, 23 min, color, sound

In a provocative collage of found and original images, talking heads, and on-screen text, Andrews constructs a fragmented cultural essay to question the function of art within institutional systems and in contemporary society. Comments by administrators of art institutions and alternative social support systems, such as San Francisco's Art in Jail and Delancey Street projects, are juxtaposed with subjective and appropriated footage and text that suggest underlying economic and political agendas. "Institutions exist because society needs them to fulfill its purposes; artists make the images that society needs and wants of itself," says the Dean of the San Francisco Art Institute. In this discursive critique, Andrews allows viewers to draw their own conclusions.

Artist/Producer: Lawrence Andrews. Additional Camera/Sound: Henry Joseph, Arngunnar.