1982, 19:02 min, color, sound

Fitzgerald and Sanborn began the Antarctica series to explore innovative collaborations with contemporary musicians. In Ear to the Ground, David Van Tieghem uses the city of Manhattan as his musical instrument, playing the surfaces of the sidewalks, buildings and phone booths with his drumsticks to elicit an ingenious range of percussive sounds. Wayne Hays Blues (Secretary), is a satire of Washington's sexual politics, set to music by Jill Kroesen. Inspired by the music of Peter Gordon and his band Love of Life Orchestra, Siberia juxtaposes the ghostly landscapes of Antarctica and Siberia with the deserted inner city. The Long Island is a perceptual exercise that reworks material from The Resolution of the Eye to Gordon's ethereal music. Shot in Saskatchewan, And Now This... transforms landscape through technology, evoking the pristine lines of wheat fields and abandoned farm buildings.

Ear to the Ground: In collaboration with David Van Tieghem. Producers/Directors: John Sanborn, Kit Fitzgerald. Concept/Performance: David Van Tieghem.

Wayne Hays Blues (Secretary): Music: Jill Kroesen. Producers: Jill Kroesen, Peter Gordon. A Jill Kroesen/Peter Gordon/Eric Franck Production.

Siberia: Music: Peter Gordon. Performers: Love of Life Orchestra. Producers: Peter Gordon, David Van Tieghem. A LOLO/Eric Franck Production.

The Long Island: Music: Peter Gordon. Performers: Love of Life Orchestra.

And Now This...: Music: David Van Tieghem. Producers: Peter Gordon, David Van Tieghem.

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