(are we and/or do we) LIKE MEN

1986, 16:42 min, color, sound

Posited as "A tape to Wage War Against War... the War which men wage against women, children, and themselves," (are we and/or do we) LIKE MEN confronts male self-identification, violence and gender conditioning. Focusing on a series of interviews with men, Marton based this work on his experiences at the National Conference on Men and Masculinity, which sought new roles and methods of self-expression for men. The male participants speak directly to the camera, struggling to define the role of aggression, self-hatred, and violence in forming the male character in American culture. The close-up intimacy of the video medium elicits pained, angry, and thoughtful confessionals. Marton intends the tape to be presented as a catalyst for discussion of violence and gender conditioning.

Video: Pier Marton. Music: Wendy Ultan. Computer Graphics: Glenn Biegon.