1985, 28:21 min, color, sound

SAY I'M A JEW is a powerful manifesto on memory, loss, and self-denial, and an affirmation of Jewish identity. This collage of interviews with men and women whose parents were survivors of the Holocaust confronts the internalized anti-Semitism of postwar European Jews. Addressing the camera directly, these "witnesses," now living in the United States, speak with remarkable eloquence about their struggle to comprehend their legacy and their own identities. A Polish/Rumanian woman says simply, "I felt that my life was supposed to redeem all the lost lives." Each tale of self-hatred and denial is harrowingly specific, yet universal; the participants speak of anger and compassion towards their parents, rejection and acceptance of their Jewish heritage. These intensely felt statements are heightened by the appearance of Marton and his brother as witnesses.

Production Assistance: Susan Steinfeldt. Vocals: Cantor Ari Stern. Computer Graphics: Scott A. Carlson.