1984, 26:10 min, color, sound

Produced for the Olympic Committee in 1984, Auto-Olympia merges document and fantasy in a cautionary tale of American car culture in overdrive. A Greek torch runner, transported to the media landscape of Los Angeles during the '84 Olympics, is confronted by contemporary urban life. Juxtaposing dichotomies — machine/body, technology/man, public/private — Miller redefines the Olympic motto "faster, higher, stronger" by constructing a metaphoric morality play that focuses on what surrounds the Olympic spectacle — freeways, advertisements of corporate sponsors — as a landscape of tourism and consumerism.

Conceived/Produced/Directed/Edited by Branda Miller. Director of Photography: Mackenzie Waggaman. Music: Tom Recchion. A production of the American Film Institute Television Workshop. With: Chris Mulkey. Line Producer: Thomas A. Bliss. On-line Editors: Peter Kirby, Gary McFarland. Supervising Producer: Victoria Costello.