Time Squared

1988, 6:33 min, color, sound

In Time Squared, Miller creates a vibrant collage that captures the spirit and pulse of New York City's Times Square. Mixing nostalgic black-and-white archival footage with the brightly hued neons of Times Square today, she allows the ghosts of the past to haunt the present. Soldiers and women celebrating V-Day, the famous smoking Camel billboard, and marquees past and present are among the emblematic images that collide in time. The future is glimpsed in architects' models for the area's renovation. Miller ends with a resolution of past, present and future in the New Year's Eve singing of Auld Lang Syne.

Time Squared was produced as part of the international Time Code project, in which artists were commissioned to capture the spirit, reality and "pulse" of a specific place without dialogue or commentary.

Photography: Jules Backus, Gary S. Wong. Music: A. Leroy. On-line Editor: Don Roy. Producer: Kathy Rae Huffman. From "Time Code," a production of The Cat Fund; Channel 4; INA; ZDF; Agent Orange and WGBH.