Belchite/South Bronx: A Trans-Cultural and Trans-Historical Landscape

1988, 39:14 min, color, sound

In this densely textured work, Torres constructs a multilayered metaphor that transcends culture, time and place. Ruins of the abandoned Spanish town of Belchite and archival footage of the Spanish Civil War are juxtaposed with the ruined buildings and icons of the contemporary urban landscape of the South Bronx. Shot in Spain and the U.S., this project is composed of a single-channel videotape, as well as a six channel video installation.

Spanish team: Director/Camera: Francesc Torres. VCR/Sound: Joaquim Saura. U.S. team: Director: Francesc Torres. Producer/Director/Camcorder: Dieter Froese. Consultant: Bill Beirne. Production, Spain/Post-production: Zoom Television, Barcelona. Production, U.S.: Dekart Video, N.Y. Post-production Director: Joan P. Riedweg. Computer Editing/Special effects: Toni Hernandez,Magda Rogriguez. Digital effects/Graphics: Andrew Aguillo, Jaume Vilaseca. Sound Designer: Pere Gene.