Plus Ultra

1989, 26:56 min, color, sound

Continuing his investigations of historical geopolitical construction, Torres cites post-World War II Berlin and its battle-scarred Spanish embassy as the launching points for an exploration of a time-specific political ideology. Writes Torres: "I have produced a work referring to the unrestrained exercise of power in the State on its subjects on other, weaker States. I have also emphasized the cyclical nature of this sort of political pathology which, fortunately, is occasionally defeated by historical events."

Producer/Director/Camera: Paul Stutenbaeumer. VCR Operator/Sound: Gudrun Kromrey, Joachim Wendler. 16-track Sound Mixing/Special Effects: Klaus Wagner. Score/ Synthesizer/Instruments: Stephen Braun. Archival Footage: Chronos Film, Berlin. Production/Equipment: ECC, Berlin. Titles: Susanne Homolka.