CASCADE/Vertical Landscapes

1988, 6:30 min, color, sound

Collaborating with artists Dike Blair and Dan Graham, and musician/composer Christian Marclay, MICA-TV crafts an ode to the urban and suburban architecture of the contemporary American cultural landscape. CASCADE/Vertical Landscapes is constructed as a continuous parade of vertical camera movements and image layerings. Integrating the humor and specific visual and aural deconstructions of their collaborators, MICA-TV borrows "found" sound and images from pop culture to trigger associations and memories. Consumer products and junk food fall like pop cultural debris through a vertical corridor of postwar cathedrals — shopping malls and urban arcades. Structured as a continuous flow of verticality, seamlessly edited and scored, this display both critiques and celebrates the contemporary American landscape as inscribed upon the collective unconscious.

Producers/Directors: Carole Ann Klonarides, Michael Owen in collaboration with Dike Blair, Dan Graham. Music: Christian Marclay. Executive/Creative Consultant: Peter Caesar. Editor: Peter Eggers. A co-production with U.K.'s Channel 4, for the series "Ghosts in the Machine."


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