R.M. Fischer: An Industrial

1983, 3:30 min, color, sound

With ironic wit and stylization, Carole Ann Klonarides and Michael Owen fabricate a high-gloss "industrial" to present artist R.M. Fischer's lamp sculptures, which are a hybrid of high-tech slickness and Baroque exaggeration. The look of Fischer's work and his related interest in mass-marketing techniques are paralleled in the state-of-the-art industrial format and the monumental Star Wars-style intro. The narration (written by Owen and presented by Barton Heyman, the voice of American Airlines) appropriates the slick style of advertising, but substitutes actual quotes by art critics from reviews of the artist's work. Just as with brand names in "real" commercials, the theme music (by A. Leroy) was composed using the audio tones of Fischer's name.

Producers: Carole Ann Klonarides, Michael Owen. Photography: John Budde. Computer Animation: Richard Baim. Script: Michael Owen. Music: A. Leroy.