Comma Boat (three-channel installation)

2013, 33:02 min, color, sound, three-channel installation

Comma Boat is one of four movies to date completed in 2013 by Trecartin, first shown as a work in progress at the Arsenale of the the Venice Biennale. Since settling in Los Angeles in 2010, Fitch and Trecartin have designed and built a modular maze of sets on a soundstage with the help of Hollywood technicians who have rigged the space with lights and hydraulics enabling it to move and change for different projects.

Ring Jenny: Irina Cocimarov, Ruth Garcia, Madeline Poole, Analisa Teachworth, Tatiana Marie Valentin. French Yet: Simon Castets; History Yet: Jesse Hoffman; Circle Yet: Lee Kyle; Sexy Yet: Jude MC, Aaron David Ross. Host: Telfar Clemens, Casey Jane Ellison, Jayne Goldsmith, Raul Lopez, Leigha Mason, Murphy Maxwell, Akeem Smith; Host: Telfar Clemens, Raul Lopez, Raul De Nieves, Alison K. Powell, Akeem Smith. Jenny Memories: Tierney Finstar; Jenny Tanked: Rachel Lord; Jenny Contest: Peggy Noland; Jenny Spy: Liz Rywelski. Not a Contest: Frankie Delessio; Swim Body: Murphy Maxwell; Other Boyband: Chris Moukarbel. Player Right Pony: Telfar Clemens; Player Center Parachute: Ian Isiah; Player Left Courtesy: Akeem Smith. Time 2jam: Andrew Aged, Daniel Aged, Nathan Whipple. Host Guide: Frankie Delessio; Host Spotter: Matthew Lawton; Host Unison: Raul Lopez; Host More Trade: Murphy Maxwell; Host Scooter: Raul De Nieves; Host Occupy: Liz Rywelski; Host Junior War: Dann Spann. Technician top40: Lauren Devine, Technician jamcam: Nick Weiss. Owna act. Ethno-ark. Anthrocam: Allison Bynes; Main Comment. Too. Hostscript: Telfar Clemens; main comment. Also. Hostscript: Akeem Smith. Fineline band: Casey Jane Ellison, Nathan Whipple. host y: Sarah Ball, host z: Caitlin MacBride, host. Jenny sit: Johnny Makeup, host. Class mates: Courtney Malick. Act 360- Becky.Brazier.m23, Solomon.Chase.m31, Telfar.Clemens.m31, Sam.Corimer.m24.31, Sean.Monaghan.m24, Kevin.McGarry.m24, Connor.Nims.m23, David.Toro.m31, Akeem.Smith.m31. Witness Push Camera: M. Blash, m28, Mary Ann Heagerty, m31, Sergio Pastor, m20.23.24, Lola Sinreich, m20. Push Camera, Push Script: Lizzie Fitch, Anthony Valdez, Push Crew, Sean Grattan, Rhett LaRue, Murphy Maxwell, Nick Rodrigues, Jeremiah Thies. Push Sound: Kevin Goold. Production designers, producers: Fitch/Trecartin. Producers: Regen Projects, Andrea Rosen gallery. Co-Producers: Cat Krudy, Lola Sinreich, Alisa Tager. Sound Technician: Kevin Goold. Manage Set: Jeremiah Thies, Nick Rodrigues. Worl Flow: Lizzie Fitch, Sergio Pastor, Lola Sinreich, Anthony Valdez. Set Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup: Fitch/Trecartin, Murphy Maxwell. Makeup, hair, main build: Becky Brazier, Roz Music. Build Makeup, hair: Monica Alvarez, Emily Rae Blackmun, Seth Bogart, Andrea Cardenas, Janiva Ellis, Carlota Gonzalez, Kaci Grinder, Ian Isiah, Raul Lopez, Connor Nims, Peggy Noland, Gina Ribisi, Liz Rywelski, Dawk Subhasiriwatana, Anthony Valdez, Sweet P Vaughn, Erica Uribe. Prop Special #weaponizedearmuffs #stuntsharpies #ponytalerocks: Peggy Noland. Prop core: Emily Auble. Handle props: Sean Grattan, Sergio Pastor, Nick Rodrigues, Jeremiah Thies, Anthony Valdez. Build direct sets: Jeremiah Thies. Sketch Set up: Sergio Pastor. Set depart super: David Offner. Set depart core: Lizzie Eggert-Atzberger. Construct core: Eric Nolfo. Construct pa: Adrian Inchauste, Robert Waters, Normal Galeas. Build set: Amy Cano, Mike Gallagher. Justin Bell, Wilfred Biggs, Jeff Ditto, Curt Harding, Rick Holman, Nicky Gagliarducci, Luke Gannon, Adam Hunter, Matthew John, Aaron Lyons, David Luff, Brendan McDonald, Larry Morgan, Nick Rodrigues, Borja Rodrigues, Chad Sullivan, Adam Trecartin, Justin Wright, Henry Koch, Matthew John, John Gallagher. Electrician: Nate Pontius. Electricians: Shareka Calhoun, Sharena Calhoun, Dea Lazo, Luke Megner, Jason Moore, Christopher Roller, Steven Snider, Thompson Tran, Tiffany Williams. Scenic: Jeremy Crabtree, James Haworth. Scenics: Doug Johnson, Mikael Pecherkin, Rangel Mata, Kristen Burton, Kevin Valentine, Satoshi Imagawa, Fernando Diaz, Jose Garcia, Victor Balogh, Wendy Templeton. Account: Amy Davila, Libby Dostart. Consultings: Mary Pat Bentel, Heather Carson, Gina Kwon, Kent Sparling. Food: Mireya Lucio. Start set over: Idida Medina Tina. Co-edits: Lizzie Fitch. Assistant Edits, Files Manage, Preps: Sergio Pastor, Lola Sinreich, Anthony Valdez. Clipp app developed: Sam Cormier. File Preps: Adriane Cloepfil, Kevin Goold, Murphy Maxwell, Jude MC, Cat Krudy. Audio Designs: Trecartin/Fitch. Worth the rush audio aspects: Laurent Devine, Nick Weiss, Trecartin. Vocal Design: Ian Isiah, Telfar Clemens, Akeem Smith. Guitar Real Time: Andrew Aged, Daniel Aged, Nathan Whipple. Thank You Family Cathy Burdell Adam Thank You: Lindsay Beebe, Kenny Curran, Lizzie Fitch, Jesse Greenberg, Rhett Larne, Brian McKelligott, Alison K Powell, Veronica Gelbaum, Nick McGarry, Linda Norden, Patrik Sandber, Anthony Valdez, Isabel Venero, Ellen Greenberg, Morgan Rehbock, Cosmic Jacqui Siciliano, Shaun Nielsen, Alexis Rose, Travis Miller, Thymaya Payne, Danielle Krudy, Donn Zaretsky, Massimilano Bigarelo, Helga Christoffersen, Marissa Parr, Laura Lamborghini, Julia Stoschek, Anita, Poju, Zabludoqicz Collection. Originally created for the 55th international art exhibition: Palazzo Enciclopedico (the Encyclopedic Palace) Massimilano Gioni, La Biennale di Venezia. ,yet, Ryan Trecartin


When installed in a gallery or museum for public exhibition, Comma Boat is ideally projected on three walls of equal width, arranged to feel as though they enclose a square room in which the viewer is standing. Each of the three projections should be centered on its wall, taking up at least 3/4 of the wall?s width. The images on all three walls should be identical sizes. If the layout of the exhibition space requires, the walls may be splayed outward so that the angles between them are greater than 90 degrees, up to a limit of 115 degrees (closer to 90 is better).

Important note regarding the multi channel nature of Comma Boat: The original and proper format of the artwork includes all three channels, and as such all three channels must be exhibited together. The only exceptions to this rule are where 3-channel installation is prohibited due to format restrictions i.e. theatrical or online exhibition. In either of these cases, the single-channel version of Comma Boat may be used.