The Re'Search

2010, 40:09 min, color, sound, HD video

The Re'Search is a tween-aged microcosm of Any Ever. The movie is actual market research collected by Wait for Y-Ready. It doubles as the site of Wait's vacation, as well as echoed versions of scenarios from other sections of Any Ever from which characters either reappear or are replicated here as young girls. Separately, it is a production commissioned for Voy, a pigtailed pseudo-Olsen Twin, by her prop lesbian parents. However, Voy herself moves in and out of the action, blurring the boundaries of what is inside and outside reality and fiction. Framed as research subjects and thus ostensibly as anthropological content, the young girls in the movie serve Disney-perfect archetypes, social structures, and appearances. These girls are played by exactly the Floridian child actors, dancers, and singers who perform the very real work of being a princess (or underling). Here, the drama again revolves around business-family hybrid negotiations, this time the "merger" of different cliques. There is also the spectacle of beautiful, tortured Sammy B, who promises suicide every day, broadcast online from her pink bedroom. Although her fans watch her to hate her, what they love is to see her feel, and no one will join the audience that would allow her to permanently drop out.

-- Kevin McGarry


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