2003-04, 8:40 min, color, sound

Carolee Schneemann introduces Devour at EAI on Wednesday, November 7, 2007.

Devour is a dual-channel version of the artist's multi-channel video projection installation of the same name. Schneemann notes that this work brings together "a range of images which contrast evanescent, fragile elements with violent, concussive, speeding fragments... political disasters, domestic intimacy, and ambiguous menace." In this dense montage, the title stands for the voraciously synthetic, head-on rush of contemporary media, and the corresponding, near-addictive impulse of its consumers.

Made possible by the Rockefeller Foundation Media Artist Grant, Eyebeam Artist in Residence Program. Location Sources: Springtown, New York; Skowhegan, Maine; Los Angeles, CA; Kansas City, Missouri; Lebanon; Haiti; Mexico; Ecuador; Sarajevo. Editing Assistance/ Credits: Ivan Cortazar. Editing Assistance: Bethany Schadel. Additional Footage: Christina Koebel.


This title is only available for educational use. Please contact the EAI office for screenings and exhibitions.