Doug and Mike's Adult Entertainment

1994, 14:25 min, color, sound

Performance artists Smith and Skinner use heavily coded comedic costumes and performance, including extensive play with puppets, to articulate the simultaneous banality and ironic reflexivity of "popular comedy." Straight faced 'adult' situations and inter-relations become genuinely hilarious. This compilation tape includes the following:

The Cocktail Party

Doug and Mike use their cast of puppet characters to relive the creation of their signature cocktail, the Gibsonetto. In true situation-comedy fashion the social faux pas of the undrinkable cocktail escalates out of control.

Directed by Joshua White.

Doug and Mike Weigh their Chances

After another successful puppet show, Doug and Mike unwind at the local bar, and consider a career in politics.

Producers/Directors: Dan Walworth, Marshall Reese. With: John Falabelia. Caricatures: Alison Mork. Camera: Adrian Misol.

Shane and Cory

Doug and Mike portray Shane and Cory, two women from their acting class, who have a lot to say about Doug and Mike.

Camera: Michel Auder.

Mr. Woodies Goodies

Kevin and Jason, Doug and Mike's nine year old nephews, provide an enthusiastic narration for a male physique movie from the 1960s.