How to Curate Your Own Group Exhibition

(Do It)

1996, 2:55 min, color, sound

Commissioned for Hans-Ulrich Obrist's "Museum-in-Progress" series Do It, Smith's How to Curate Your Own Group Exhibition is a deadpan infomercial explaining exactly what the beginning curator needs to know. Television professionals shot and edited the piece, yielding a flashy "spot" in which Smith plays a corporate talking head, concerned with a 21st-century "transferral of curatorial responsibilities into the hands of the artists, as well as an artist who simply wants to get into more group shows.

With German subtitles.

Music: Neil Diamond. Camera: Franz Zecha, Max Meissi. Editor: Christine Fochler. Direction: Peter Payer. " Do It" is a series of "Museum in Progress" in cooperation with bm:WFK, Stella Rollig, ORF, Der Standard.