First World Order

1994, 28 min, color, sound

In this tapestry of images and sounds, fragments gleaned from more than three years of research on four continents illuminate an ancient community of perceptions, practices, and values. Originating in Africa, thousands of years before Egypt, remnants of the First World Order survive today as codes and symbolic language in the arts and life of many people. Weaving verité sequences of arts and cultural expression with interviews and animation, Jones evokes the textured relationships of culturally and ethnically distinct and disparate peoples.

Narration: Renee Brooks. Associate Producer: Carlos De Jesus. Assistant Director: Patricia J. Clark. Videography: Thomas Allen Harris, Carlos De Jesus, Philip Mallory Jones, Indu Krishnan. Audio Composition: Life Garden, Peter Regan, David Oliphant, Richard Salem. Choir: National Dance Theatre Co. of Jamaica.

First World Order is a presentation of the Independent Television Services (ITVS)