1988, 8 min, color, sound

A three-channel installation, Footprints is part of Jones' ongoing transcultural dialogue, a commentary on the emerging global African diaspora culture. It is an exploration in the development of codes, based on emotional progressions and an African sensorium, without dependence on specific language comprehension. Writes Jones: "These works are part of a series of multi-channel video/audio installation art pieces which synthesize my encounters with the concrete realities of Africa, and the emotional/metaphysical odyssey on which I have been launched." This allegorical narrative, the prologue to an intercultural dialogue, recounts a mythic story of a female spirit and her encounter with a male counterpart. This first episode is intended to be open to translation by audiences in various countries and cultures, an exploration of non-language-dependent storytelling. "The intention was to transpose various African motifs or image construction into this electronic medium."