Forcefield Assassins

2001-02, 20:12 min, color, sound
2001, 11:43 min, color, sound
2002, 8:10 min, color, sound

The artists describe this tape, which merges performance and animation with fantastical narrative, as "Forcefield in its darkly-shrouded assassin period." Shown in conjunction with live music performances during Forcefield's 2001 tour, Tunnel Vision includes the group's first animation experiment. Three figures holding flaming torches explore a dark tunnel while on their hunt for the "Albino Moon Varmit." They then attack a machine with deliberate yet frenzied movements. The tunnel scene gives way to an extended abstract animation, with a soundtrack that ranges from high-pitched swells to loud squeaks. Assassins Ride is a protracted tableau; three masked figures stand around a blustering fire, while a pulsating, measured electronic beat booms out. Occasional strobe effects and a fireball add to the incendiary feel. The soundtrack is taken from the Assassins CDR.