2002-03, 27:46 min, color, sound
2002, 7 min, color, sound
2002, 3:51 min, color, sound
2003, 3:02 min, color, sound
2003, 12:43 min, color, sound

In ZMTRX, extremely rhythmic editing and pulsating, synthesized music create a hypnotic effect reminiscent of some of video's earliest analogue synthesizer experiments. The artists write: "Using a zooming motif, ZMTRX is the most optically violent of the four tapes and shows Forcefield going from physical form to oblivion."

In Warmup, three Forcefield members in knit suits are animated by repeated, rapid zooms and a powerful electronic soundscape. Berry Face combines a techno beat with repeated flashes of colorful, hexagonal lights and zooms from a face fashioned of red berries and a blond wig. In Meta Radeo, long shots of a yellow and purple shrouded figure standing in the woods and in the desert are intercut with close-ups of slowly moving earthworms. Diamond is an extended, pulsating geometric meditation.