Titles by Carole Ann Klonarides with Joe Leonardi

Gary Hill: Sites Recited

1994, 60 min, color, sound

This tape is a "feedback" dialogue inspired by the installations and single-channel works in the 1994 exhibition Gary Hill: Sites Recited at the Long Beach Museum of Art. It includes early works such as War Zone (1980), Primarily Speaking (1983), Cut Pipe (1992), and Learning Curve (still point) (1993). Sites Recited traces the development of Hill's preoccupation with language and image and the spaces/events that exist between them. Excerpts from Site Cite, an unrehearsed performance by sound poets George Quasha and Charles Stein with Hill and Joan Jonas, are interspersed with several of Hill's single-channel works.

Produced by Long Beach Museum of Art in collaboration with Gary Hill. Coordinating Producer: Carole Ann Klonarides. Directors: Carole Ann Klonarides, Joe Leonardi. Camera, Editing: Carole Ann Klonarides, Joe Leonardi. Postproduction Facility: LBMA Video. Voice-over, Narration, Text: George Quasha, Charles Stein. Excerpts: Learning Curve, Site Cite, Why Do Things Get in a Muddle?, Once Upon a Time, Primarily Speaking, Around and About, Cut Pipe, Mediations, Happenstance, War Zone, Picture Story, Incidence of Catastrophe, Tale Enclosure.

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