Titles with or about Tony Conrad

Ipso Facto

1985, 7:22 min, color, sound

"A story of technology, appropriation, and authority. High technology is a palisade of errors behind which artists are marionettes of industry or addicts of solitaire. Inappropriate appropriation abounds here— inappropriate because what’s quoted is either not an entry in the cultural ark(ive) or is vulnerable to criticism. Then there’s the completely untrustable face, a pasty puffy morning-after case, an old futz that nobody would ever believe, who mouths quotes from Mussolini (an authority no one can take seriously, the most maligned and possibly least-acceptable thinker of the century) and who looks out from his monitor upon an old-fashion audience that listens unblinkingly, without a peep or guffaw." —Tony Conrad

With the assistance of Tony Billoni, Barbara Broughel, Chris Hill, Harriet Lurie