Titles with or about Tony Conrad

Research: Knowing with Television

1983-1985, 6:22 min, color, sound

"In 1983 the installation work Knowing with Television was selected for exhibition at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester. The tape shown here was not a part of that show but is a report on the installation results. Included in the gallery installation was a documentation camera, which recorded subjects who (voluntarily) sat or stood in front of the installation monitors. The harvested tapes offered a small but significant sample of viewers who actually paused long enough to watch and become involved in the display. Of these, my camera revealed that a substantial number exhibited responses to hypnotic suggestions issued from the program tape. Knowing with Television used the gallery installation site as a research space, for the purpose of investigating the possibility that a television image might induce signs of clinical hypnosis, even when hypnosis is not specifically mentioned." —Tony Conrad