Mayami: Between Cut and Action

1986, 13:54 min, color, sound

Artifice and reality, identity and disguise, representation and transformation are woven through a powerful pastiche of theatrical performance, mass cultural appropriation and fragmented narrative. Deconstructing an episode of TV's Miami Vice that features crude representations of Latino drug dealers, Labat constructs a multilayered psychological drama of converging realities. In a studio (the space between "cut" and "action"), artists Tony Oursler and Winston Tong provide commentary. Playing out a tragic drama with dolls, Tong also tapes his eyelids down and applies make-up, transforming himself from Asian to Caucasian, male to female. In a final confrontation of identity, Tong steps through the enlarged television image, devoid of masks or make-up.

With: Winston Tong, Tony Oursler. Sound: Charles Gute. Technical Director: Daniel Cardenas. Produced in association with "Open Channels," the Long Beach Museum of Art.

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