Nam June Paik: 2 Piano Concerts: 1994/95

Stephen Vitiello. Featuring Nam June Paik.
1997, 20 min, color, sound

2 Piano Concerts documents two important performances by Paik, who was originally trained as a musician and composer. In the first concert, which was performed during the 1994 multi-national arts festival SeOUL NyMAX in New York, Paik plays the piano while it is being destroyed by chainsaw wielding assistants. The second concert, recorded at the 1995 Kwangju Bienale in Korea, features an energetic performance in which Paik plays the piano with a handheld camera, as images of his hands and the piano keys are projected behind him.

Camera: Linda Post/New York, Stephen Vitiello/Kwangju, Korea. Editor: Seoungho Cho. Producers: Stephen Vitiello, Nam June Paik.

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