Oblique Strategist Too

1984, 12:33 min, color, sound

Oblique Strategist Too is a multilayered, tangential portrait of composer Brian Eno, and an evocative essay on the creative process. Eno's perspectives on his music and working methods surface elliptically, through interviews and footage of him in the studio and in lectures. Eno emerges as a meticulous musician, articulate critic, and, ultimately, an inscrutable personality. The tape's title is taken from a set of cards bearing aphorisms, which Eno uses as a random element of advice in his working process. Velez uses intricate audio and video effects to heighten the elusive nature of Eno's music and character. He begins the tape with a quote from Heraclitus: "The nature of things is in the habit of concealing itself" a paradox that eminently suits his subject matter.

Producers: Ethel Velez, Edin Velez. Audio/VTR: Ethel Velez. Editors: Rick Feist, Frank Markward. Electronic Graphics: Patricia Megumi Ido. Executive Producer: Carol Brandenburg. A production of Edin Velez in association with the TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen.

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