Pencicle of Praise

2018, 12:40 min, color, sound, HD video

"Vice President Mike Pence eagerly plays cheerleader in chief for Donald Trump. In accepting the vice-presidential nomination in 2016, Pence proclaimed, 'I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican — in that order,' suggesting how we might understand his role. This ground-breaking, earth-shaking video begins with a pomp-ridden televised press conference, accompanied by uplifting music. Held early in 2017 at the White House Rose Garden, it showcased the president’s announced withdrawal from the historic Paris Climate Accord. As the video proceeds, we witness Pence and other minions enacting pious gratitude on behalf of the president. With the Vice President lurking in the shot, the video finally launches a takeoff.

"The renditions of the Battle Hymn of the Republic and the national anthem in this work were part of the Rose Garden broadcast, which both begins and ends the video." — Martha Rosler