Semiotics of the Kitchen: An Audition

2011, 9:44 min, color, sound

In 2003, for A Short History of Performance, Part II, at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, Rosler announced an open call for a live restaging of her seminal 1975 video piece Semiotics of the Kitchen. Twenty-six women participated in a rotating performance of Rosler's script at the Whitechapel. On a set stocked with culinary utensils, the participants were taped and "broadcast" on television monitors throughout the gallery via live feed. Semiotics of the Kitchen: An Audition documents the preliminary rehearsals with Rosler and the public event, the "audition."

Performers: Elizabeth Neilson, Cylena Simonds, Sophie Hope, Ameena Cora Callender, Victoria Müller, Susan Kelly, Lisa Raine Davies, Melanie Gilligan, Lucie Waghorn, Janna Graham, Lisa Helin, Ilsa Colsell, Andrea Saemann, Sophie von Olfers, Mette Klarskov Larsen, Lulu Williams, Saskia Boersma, Daria Martin, Diana Baldon, Julia Court, Chris Regn, Emita Fandango, Ellie Doney, Catherine Hemeryk, Sarah Carrington, Olivia Plender. Direction: Martha Rosler. Organized by: Iwona Blazwick and Andrea Tarsia at the Whitechapel Gallery. Project Manager: Kit Hammonds. Camera: Illuminations Television UK, Martha Rosler, Marina Sorbello. Editing: Mary Billyou, Martha Rosler. Thank you: Diana Baldon, John Wyver, Trevor Shimizu.


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