Pond Way

1998, 23:48 min, color, sound

One of Cunningham's nature studies, Pond Way evokes the trickling effect of water, as dancers move in wave-like motions across the stage, timing their movements so that one begins just after another. The movement was inspired by Cunningham's childhood game of skimming stones across a pond. Suzanne Gallo designed the costumes: loose fitting white tops and pants. The décor was a patterned backcloth, reminiscent of bubbles of water, based on Roy Lichtenstein's painting Landscape with Boat. Brian Eno composed the soundscape. — Merce Cunningham Trust

Director: Charles Atlas. Décor: Roy Lichtenstein. Producers: NADA, INA, ARTE France, and the Cunningham Dance Foundation, Inc. Distribution: MK2. Musician: Brian Eno. Costumes: Suzanne Gallo. Lighting: David Covey. Dancers: Lisa Boudreau, Thomas Caley, Holley Farmer, Maydelle Fason, Jean Freebury, David Kulick, Matthew Mohr, Banu Ogan, Daniel Squire, Jeannie Steele, Derry Swan, Robert Swinston, Cheryl Therrien. Special Thanks: Myriam Bloedé, Marie Etchegoyen, Philip Gallo, Jane Geerts, Béatrice Haranger, Guillaume Heintzmann, Mathilde Henrot, Bénédicte Pesle, Aline Sasson, Florence Stern, Laura Vermorel, Liane Willemont, Mary Ann Zimmer.

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