Prelude to the Tempest

1985, 14:51 min, color, sound

Structured on the central metaphor of Shakespeare's The Tempest, this work alludes to the position of the individual in (post) modern culture, and the tension between natural and technological power. Orchestrating these forces in a foreboding premonition of upheaval, Hall tempers his role as an omniscient Prospero with the passive condition of the contemporary individual. Natural and urban landscapes are juxtaposed with close-ups of his face, howling as if in pain. Through his use of time lapse, stop-action and color filtration, he creates effects of haunting strangeness. Conflict, danger and relief are suggested and dissipated with virtuosic control.

Director of Photography: Jules Backus. Additional Photography/Editor: Doug Hall. Additional Sound: Andy Aaron. With: Diane Andrews Hall, Gannon Hall.