Titles with or about Stuart Sherman

Second Spectacle

1976, 45 min, color, sound

Sherman created and performed eighteen Spectacles in total, twelve of which were solo performances and six of which involved groups of people. In his second Spectacle, Sherman performs with Stefan Brecht, Richard Foreman and Kate Manheim in a series of choreographed skits. In Name, each of the performers takes turns wearing a top hat and spelling out famous names; in Party, Manheim sets a table with four plates and noisemakers, then methodically blows the noisemakers and trims off their tips with scissors before ordering Brecht, Foreman and Sherman to collect the remnants.

Preserved by EAI in collaboration with the Fales Library & Special Collections, NYU and the Barbara L. Goldsmith Preservation Lab, NYU Libraries.

With: Stefan Brecht, Richard Foreman, Kate Manheim, Stuart Sherman.