Titles with or about Stuart Sherman

Twelfth Spectacle (Language)

1980, 32 min, color, sound

Sherman may best be known for his solo Spectacle performances, which usually took the form of quick-paced interactions with everyday objects over a table top. He created and performed eighteen Spectacles in total, twelve of which he performed solo, and six with groups of collaborators. A prominent theme of the Spectacles was Sherman's playful use of scale, either in the amplification of small gestures and details, or the miniaturization of theatrical spectacle.

Sherman's Twelfth Spectacle plays with the syntax of common objects, using familiar items such as telephones, balloons and magnets to stage rhetorical questions.

Preserved by EAI in collaboration with the Fales Library & Special Collections, NYU and the Barbara L. Goldsmith Preservation Lab, NYU Libraries.

Camerawork: Bill Marpet.