She Don't Fade

1991, 23:48 min, b&w, sound

She Don't Fade chronicles the sexual pursuits of Shae Clarke, an African American lesbian. Clarke, played by Dunye herself, defines and readily demonstrates her "new approach to women." Dunye cleverly combines humor and storytelling to relay a tale of adventure and conquest within the realm of sexuality.

Writer/Producer/Editor/Director: Cheryl Dunye. First Assistant Director: Brent Hill. Second Assistant Director: Shae Marconi. Camera: Paula Cronan. Additional Camera: Shae Marconi, Gail Lloyd, Rainy Orteca. 16mm Footage: Erica Fueudenstein, Christopher Leo Daniels. Soundtrack: Rainy Orteca. With: Zoie Strauss, Cheryl Dunye, Paula Cronan, Wanda Freeman, Gail Lloyd, Pin Martin, Jennifer Ozarow, Heather Hassinger, Brent Hill, Barbara Kigozi, Laura Rau. Project Director: Lisa Marie Russo. Project Coordinator: Jim Caiola. A.C.E. Editor: Antoine Bell. Production Coordinator: Frank Carfi. Director of Production Administration: Gail Goertel. A Dancing Girl Production.