The potluck and the passion

1993, 16:58 min, color, sound

To celebrate their one year anniversary, a black lesbian couple have a potluck dinner party. Each partner invites several of her own friends, hoping variety will make for a stimulating evening. In this experimental narrative, food, drink and unrequited desire collide, exposing the delicate terrain of human, social and sexual relations.

Writer/Producer/Director: Cheryl Dunye. Camera: Jim Caiola, Barbara Kigozi. Sound: Vikki Plummer, Brian Bazemore. Crew: Brent Hill, Liz Blengino, Robert Sciasci, Chris Daniels. With: Jen Benoit, Shelita Birchett, Pat Branch, Nora Breen, Chris Daniels, Cheryl Dunye, Gail Lloyd, Susie Nash, Carolyn Shapiro, Robert Reid Pharr.