1985, 28:31 min, color, sound
1985, 5:14 min, color, sound
1985, 5:32 min, color, sound
1985, 5:25 min, color, sound
1985, 5:20 min, color, sound
1985, 5:03 min, color, sound

Five solo performances, designed and performed specifically for video by five Minneapolis choreographers — Maria Cheng, Marilyn Habermas-Scher, Wendy Morris, Georgia Stephens, and Laurie Van Wieren — celebrate the pluralism of contemporary dance and expand the definitions of performance art, dance, and video performance. With idiosyncratic sets and costumes, original music, text, and sound collage, each dancer inhabits a distinct theatrical world, performing in sites ranging from the confinement of a small room to an expansive natural landscape. With his distinctive, physical approach to documenting dance, Byrne captures the intimacy of the solo performance in a one-to-one rapport of performer and videomaker. Paradoxically, each work in Solo! is a true collaboration.

Camera/Lighting/Editor: James Byrne.

The Members of My Party: Choreographer/Performer: Georgia Stephens. Music: Victor Riley, The Suburbs, J.S. Bach.

Habitat: Choreographer/Performer/Music: Marilyn Habermas-Scher.

Vision: Choreographer/Performer: Maria Cheng. Music: Mkwaju Ensemble.

this body this place, Unnamed: Choreographer/Performer: Wendy Morris. Composer: Wendy Ultan.

Beside Herself: Choreography/Performer: Laurie Van Wieren. Composer: Wendy Ultan.