X-Ray Eyes

1985, 14:53 min, color, sound

In X-Ray Eyes, the simplicity and spontaneity of Wendy Perron's choreography and her straightforward performance are paralleled by Byrne's deft camera work and the minimal theatrical/video space. On a bare stage, with spare lighting, Perron choreographs to Arto Lindsay's pop music. The playfully quirky movements of the dancers are mirrored by Byrne's angled camera, quick changes of focus, and energetic editing. Perron's silent, gestural duets are translated by Byrne into formally composed close-ups that isolate the subtle expressiveness of gesture for maximum visual effect. Throughout, the camera's (and viewer's) perspective is from within the dance.

Choreography: Wendy Perron in collaboration with the dancers. Dancers: Lisa Bush, Erica Bornstein, Mary Lyman, Wendy Perron. Music: Arto Lindsay and the Ambitious Lovers. Editors: James Byrne, Wendy Perron, Matt Danowski.