Solstice d'hiver

1993, 60 min, color, sound

Solstice d'hiver (Winter Solstice) was commissioned by the French television network La Sept for a series entitled "live," an international project in which a number of artists were asked to produce one-hour works using camcorders. Their challenge was to create works in real time, without editing. In response, Hill created a piece about observation, turning an "objective" camera onto his quotidian life and immediate environment. Shot entirely within a domestic interior, Hill documents in real time the objects, spaces, and gestures of the everyday. Despite the intrusion of the camera into this private sphere, Hill's focus is on absence and solitude — the tape unfolds without language or interaction. Ultimately, Hill's durational narrative uses the acts of recording and viewing to describe a metaphorical interior space.

Music: Alvin Lucier, "I am Sitting in a Room."