The Space Between the Teeth

1976, 9:10 min, color, sound

The Space Between the Teeth is based on the structure of acoustic phenomena and the psychological dynamics of a man screaming at the end of a long dark corridor. With each successive scream, the camera point of view hurtles at high velocity along the length of the hallway in decreasing increments. The corridor and the cinematic structuring of the camera's advance act as metaphors for passage and transition between two worlds, bridged by the individual's cathartic screams. Ultimately, the image of the man at the end of the corridor is transformed into a Polaroid still that is literally washed away.

Portions Produced at: Synapse, Syracuse University. Supervising Engineer/ Videotape Editor: John J. Godfrey. Production Manager: Harriet Abraham. Executive Producer: David Loxton. Thanks: Roman bailey, Shanney Holbech, ZBS Media. Recorded at: ZBS Media, Fort Edward NY for WNET. Partially funded by: New York State Council on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts


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Seating must be provided for the audience, and works must be shown according to a published schedule, not presented as an automatically repeating loop. Works cannot be incorporated into looping programs with other titles. Audio must be handled through a separate stereo sound system (amplifier and two speakers).

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1976, 33 min, color, sound