1973-74, 9:12 min, b&w, sound

Holt writes: "In Underscan, time and the visual image are compressed. A series of photographs of my Aunt Ethel's home in New Bedford, MA had been videotaped, and re-videotaped while being underscanned. (The underscanning device is a structural framework particular only to video; it compresses the picture so that the edges can be seen precisely; it does away with the variation that occurs between monitors in the amount of the image which is visible.) Because of this underscanning process, each static photo image, as it appears, changes from regular to elongated to compressed or vice versa. Excerpts from letters from my aunt spanning 10 years are condensed into 8 minutes of my voice-over audio. Certain yearly occurrences repeat in an auditory rhythm, coinciding with the cycle of yearly changes."

Audio: Excerpts from letters from my Aunt Ethel, 1962-72. Video: Photographs of Aunt Ethel's home in New Bedford, Mass. Producer: Carlota Fay Schoolman. A Fifi Corday Production. With support from the New York State Council on the Arts.

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