Vintage: Families of Value

1995, 72 min, color, sound

Vintage is a meditative and reflexive look at black families through the eyes of black lesbian and gay siblings. In contrast to traditional documentaries, Vintage places the camera in the hands of family members to construct a collective autobiographical presentation of family. Interweaving conversations among family members, verite documentary footage, dramatic portrayals, experimental recreations, visual abstractions, music television strategies and archival photographs, Vintage is a mosaic of extended black families.

Produced, Directed, Written and Conceived by: Thomas Allen Harris. With the Crative Collaboration of: Adrian Jones. Anita Jones. Anni Cammett. Paul Eaddy. Vanessa Eaddy. Lyle Ashton Harris, Rudean Leinaeng. Edited By: Thomas Allen Harris and Christopher Kuhrt. Additional Editors: Lisa Guido. Lewis Erskine. Vejan Lee Smith. On-line Editor: Roslyn Kalloo. Associate Producer: Adrian Jones. Anita Jones. Anni Cammett. Paul Eaddy. Vanessa Eaddy. Lyle Ashton Harris. Rudean Leinaeng. Dirk Hauska. Featuring: Adrian Jones. Anita Jones. Anni Cammett. Paul Eaddy. Vanessa Eaddy. Lyle Ashton Harris. Thomas Allen Harris. Rudean Leinaeng. Original Score By: Vernon Reid. Sound Designer: Jennifer Susan Lewis. Super 8mm Archival Footage: Albert Sydney Johnson. Super 8mm Film Camera: Thomas Allen Harris. Miguel Diaz-Olmo. Thomas. Gear. Dawn Suggs. John Benthum. Lyle Ashton Harris. High 8mm Studio Camera: Chris Fish. Additional High 8mm Camera: John Benthum. Kym Regusa. Regina Windgate. Christopher Kuhrt. Aleah Long. Dirk Hauska. Thomas Allen Harris, Sr.. Kamara Carlton. Shah Lindsey. Production Assistant: Kelly McKaig. Telecine Transfer: Bear Leon. Steve Kuns at 525 Post Production. Avid Post Production Facilities: Clockwork Studios. Video Post Production Facilities: UCSD Media Center, Rea Tajiri. Rodney Hurley at Long Island University Videoadaptors. On-line Facilities: The Banff Center for the Arts, Television and Video- Sara Diamond, Executive Director. Luke Van Dyk, Post Production Supervisor. Vern Hume, Associate Director. Audio Facilities: The Banff Center for the Arts- Paul Herspiegel, Audio Engineer. Incidental Music by: Flapper. Blue Verley. Don Marvel. Funded with support from: Lynn Blumenthal Memorial Fund. The Funding Exchange's Paul Roberson Fund. Art Matters, Inc. DCTV. Jerome Foundation. North Star Fund. The National Endowment for the Arts. New York State Council for the Arts. UCSD Academic Senate. The Donnet Fund

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