World-Wide-Walks / between earth & sky / Donegal

2009-2010, 5:00 min, color, sound

This nine-channel video is composed of Peter d'Agostino's walks in the Irish landscape, along the coastlines and at cultural sites. The video walks performed on County Donegal's northwest coast, Arranmore Island and at some of Ireland's most important pre-historic megalithic sites including Newgrange (circa 3000 BCE) and the Grianan of Aileach, an ancient circular stone fort linked to Irish history and myth.

The video is part of an installation that includes a large green tent for the video projection, an interactive website, solar cells, a photographic mural of an electric generating wind turbine and a walking post. The post is embedded with an LCD touch screen displaying quotations from scientific, theoretical and poetic sources relevant to global climate change. The cycle begins with a passage by American linguist George Lakoff: "Framing is Understanding. How the environment is understood by the public is crucial: it vastly affects the future of our earth and every living being on it." The cycle then loops after an excerpt from Gary Snyder's poem, "Turtle Island": "stay together / learn the flowers / go light."

Informed by environmental arts, sciences, and local knowledge, World-Wide-Walks / between earth & sky / Donegal was commissioned and exhibited as a Leonardo Art & Climate Change public arts project in partnership with Regional Cultural Centre, Donegal County Council Public Art Office and was co-produced with Deirdre Dowdakin and David Tafler.

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2012, 63:53 min, color and b&w, sound