World-Wide-Walks@40 (Selected Works, 1973-2012)

2012, 63:53 min, color and b&w, sound
1973-1974, 14 min, b&w, sound
1974-1975, 10:50 min, color, sound
1997-99, 11:10 min, color, sound
2001-2003, 5 min, color, sound
2007, 3:53 min, color, sound
2008-2009, 6:00 min, sound
2009-2010, 5:00 min, color, sound
2011-2013, 8:00 min, color, sound

Peter d'Agostino's World-Wide-Walks have been performed on six continents over the past four decades. Initiated as video "documentation/performances" in 1973, The Walks Series evolved into video-web projects during the 1990s and mobile-locative media installations in the 2000s. World-Wide-Walks explore elements of natural, cultural and virtual identities: mixed realities of walking through physical environments and virtually surfing the web.